Management Team

Founded in 2014 by the team that deployed the world’s first Openstack cloud in production.
Offices in São Paulo and Buenos Aires and customers around the world.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rodrigo Benzaquen

After spending 14 years managing Mercadolibre’s infrastructure and three years living in Silicon Valley doing research on new technologies, he came back to Latin America with a vision: “Openstack adoption in the Enterprise will heavily depend on the integration of this new technology with the many systems corporations cannot live without.“
Before founding NubeliU, while at Mercadolibre, he led the Openstack project there. A dedicated team was created and many challenges had to be dealt with – some of these challenges are exactly the ones NubeliU Rocket fixes for all clouds deployments.

Chief Operating Officer

Richard Hager

Graduated in Management and Marketing, he’s been managing technology companies for the past 15 years, in areas as diverse as online marketing, products, and operation. Richard has worked in the Telecom, Human Sciences, Consulting, Retail and Services industries. He’s a technology aficionado and believes in the human aspect of technologies, because he feels that technologies should serve people and that users should always be in first place.

Chief Technology Officer

Alejandro Comisario

Alejandro has 15 years of experience in Technology, always associated with innovation, scalability and performance of mission-critical environments. Alejandro has worked in a few well known international companies. Before joining NubeliU, he was the Cloud Services Manager at Mercadolibre, Latin America’ largest e-commerce site. He was responsible for the deployment of Openstack in their environment, which scales thousands of nodes.

Chief Cloud Architect

Maximiliano Venesio

Maximiliano has over four years of experience in the implementation and management of Cloud environments, specializing in distributed storage architectures. For three years he was the Cloud Services Technical leader, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the private cloud. His area of expertise created 1.5PB of distributed storage which connected to over 2 thousand physical nodes. Maxi has also worked in the design of cloud APIs to manage the IT infrastructure, integrating it with service oriented architectures. He lead different teams in the integration of different systems and portals with the cloud environment.

Senior VP Engineering

Leandro Reox

Leandro has over 10 years of experience in technologies focused on networking, security, scalability and performance tuning. Leandro is a lover of free software. He has worked at large companies such as Global Crossing/Level3, AT&T and IBM as a senior network engineer. When he joined Mercadolibre, his role was to design the SDN architecture and the network hardware integration and design for the massive environment. At NubeliU, Leandro is the networking expert.

DevOps Manager

Diogo Fernandes

Diogo Fernandes has more than 15 years of experience in System Administration and Development, mainly in Linux platforms, and a Brazilian Linux guru. He worked with the biggest internet providers and portals in Brazil, as iG,, Estadã and UOL and with online advertisement platforms, acquiring huge experience in deploy and manage huge infrastructure environments. Since 2009 works as DevOps analyst and implementing Cloud projects, he is automation adicted and Cloud Computing entusiast. He loves information security and never stops to study. At Nubeliu, Diogo manages the Managed Operations team, working with large customers in USA and Latin America.

Developer Manager

Sergio Colinas

Sergio Colinas is a Software Engineer with more than eight years working in the software industry as a team leader, developer and architect. During the last two years Sergio has been developing with his team different products for hibrid clouds like NubeliU Rocket Platform which includes Showback & Chargeback, Capacity planning, Monitoring and Alarming. Sergio also collaborates with some official Openstack projects like Ceilometer, Gnocchi, Aodh and Cloudkitty.