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NubeliU has born from former early employees of MercadoLibre.
Rodrigo Benzaquen, our CEO, has leaded the IT organization since late 90’s and has faced several challenges on the 17 years company journey, by readapting the operation many times in order to bring  solutions for one of the most visionary companies on latin america.

Late on 2014 he started NubeliU, with the proposition of helping companies to adopt cloud technologies.

On 2017, NubeliU has arrived into Logicalis group in order to lead initiatives of the Cloud & Software Defined Infrastructure projects all over the region.

Global presence

Global Presence NubeliU About us

Headquartered in Argentina, NubeliU build, manage and optimize Clouds in the whole world.

Our vision

Our Vision Agnostic About us

Build, Manage & Optimize your cloud with Customer Support Focus.

I love open source About us

There a plenty of great reasons to do so. Here are just some of them:



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Rodrigo Benzaquen About us

Rodrigo Benzaquen

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

After spending 14 years managing MercadoLibre infrastructure and three years living in Silicon Valley doing research & Development on new technologies, he came back to Latin America with a vision:

Build, Manage & Optimize your Cloud with Customer Support Focus.

Before founding NubeliU, while at Mercadolibre, he led the Openstack project there. A dedicated team was created and many challenges had to be dealt with – some of these challenges are exactly the ones NubeliU fixes for all clouds deployments.


Carlos Spera

Cloud Business Development Manager

Carlos Spera leads the integration of the NubeliU and Logicalis portfolio (Full Stack Offering) for Enterprise and Telco clients. Prior to NubeliU, Carlos was the Innovation Manager for Logicalis LATAM, and led the development and positioning of Logicalis in the IoT market.

Diogo Fernandes About us

Diogo Fernandes

DevOps Manager

Diogo Fernandes has more than 15 years of experience in System Administration and Development, mainly in Linux platforms, and a Brazilian Linux guru. He worked with the biggest internet providers and portals in Brazil, such as iG, Globo.com, Estadão.com and UOL and with online advertising platforms, acquiring a huge experience in deploy and manage huge infrastructure environments. Since 2009 works as DevOps analyst and implementing Cloud projects, he is automation addicted and Cloud Computing enthusiast. He loves information security and never stops to study. At Nubeliu, Diogo manages the Managed Operations team, working with large customers in USA and Latin America.

Sergio Colinas About us

Sergio Colinas

Developer Manager

Sergio Colinas is a Software Engineer with more than eight years working in the software industry as a team leader, developer and architect. During the last two years, Sergio has been developing with his team different products for hybrid clouds like NubeliU Rocket Platform, which includes Showback & Chargeback, Capacity planning, Monitoring and Alarming. Sergio also collaborates with some official Openstack projects, like Ceilometer, Gnocchi, Aodh and Cloudkitty.

Nicolás Vila About us

Nicolás Vila

Sr Devops Engineer

Nicolás has over 10 years of experience in conventional and virtualized networking, both in the data center as well as in global telecommunications. He has worked for the largest telcos in Argentina (Claro, Telefonica, Telecom) as well as for several 1000+ employee businesses with mission-critical infrastructure. While at MercadoLibre, Nicolás was in charge of the whole networking infrastructure on both data centers. He is also a die-hard Linux enthusiast, constantly researching and learning new developments and technologies. At NubeliU he is part of the managed operations team, supporting customers across Latin America.

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