Open, Scalable, Reliable, Optimized

NubeliU’s managed services have been designed to meet the needs of Agile Development team, so while technically outsourced, you’ll come to see that we operate just like an extension of your team.

Think of us as your responsive, expert Agile Ops team

We understand that we share a joint responsibility for the success of your application and business needs, not simply the management of your infrastructure. Utilizing our unique Rocket framework for providing managed Cloud Services, NubeliU provides a range of proactive services to keep your Cloud up and running and your people and business productive.

Outsourcing of Cloud Management

We run the day to day operations of our client’s Enterprise Clouds, consisting mainly of:
Automated development and production/staging environment creation
Installation, tuning and optimization
Incident management
Adherence to service level agreements
Containerizing and auto-scaling apps
Infrastructure re-architecture to support sustained growth
Creating immutable infrastructures with zero-downtime blue/green deployment routines
Robust disaster recovery plans and failover drills

Quality and Values Delivered

What are our goals and deliverables

Infrastructure working as expected
Work smart to avoid applications downtime
Act fastly to solve incidents
Bring ideas to discuss infrastructure alternatives
Active monitoring critical points
Cooperate with continuous delivery processes
Planning and execution of maintenance processes
Proactively improving infrastructure performance

What we can measure

  • 1Application performance

  • 2Application uptime

  • 3Tenant cloud consumptions

  • 4Service Level Agreement

    Compute – Storage – Network – Process

Managed Services Flavors


NubeliU Dev Ops: Custom engagements

For Agile teams transitioning to Continuous Delivery, DevOps or Microservices, or who need custom automation & support.


Customised, bespoke solutions - insourced or outsourced -

For individual customers. If appropriate, we can also provide a dedicated technical team with deep familiarity of your applications.