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Enterprise Transformation Managed Services

Two Simple Flavors

Beginners Enterprise

Specialized Support

Our Ninjas ready at your service through email, slack and telephone. We provide 8×5 or 24×7 attendance according to the needs of your business.

8x5x365 24x7x365

Response Time

How fast we get back to you.

2 hours 30 minutes

Accounts administration

AWS, Azure… No matters how many or the type of Cloud accounts you have, we can manage them all for you. Account administration includes the management of costs, invoices, contracts, SLA’s and so on.

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Advanced Monitoring (MaaS)

Our dashboard, your dashboard. You can follow everything that happens in your environment through our Monitoring Cloud Platform (MaaS), seeing the right metrics and the right KPI’s.

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OS Management (GUEST)

Don’t worry, we install, configure and solve problems of your Linux or Windows servers. You will have them ready for your business application.

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Root cause analysis (RCA)

Many problems happens due to different causes, we are constantly checking your cloud for those


Optimization recommendations

We provide you with the best and latest recommendations about the performance, security, operation, availability and costs for your cloud.


Technical Account Manager (TAM)

“I need to talk to an expert… oh no! And someone who knows my business…” . No more concerns, the TAM will support you in all challenges.They know what your cloud needs as well as your business needs.


Service Delivery Coordinator (SDC)

Your buddy! They will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in your cloud.

Environment Security Basic Full
Monthly Operational Report Basic Full
  • Environment Security

    Identity Access Management (IAM)

    Generic security practices recommendations

    Secure Connection Management




    Everything included in the Basic level

    Customized security practices recommendations

    Environment Segmentation

    Attack detection & mitigation. Threat resolution.

    OS patching

  • Monthly Operational Report


    VM Resource Utilization (CPU, Network & Disk)

    Object Storage Usage

    Running Services

    Basic Security Status and Recommendations  


    Everything included in the Basic level

    Customized VM Resource and Application Utilization

    Customized Performance, Security, Operation, Availability and Costs Recommendations

    Root cause analysis

    Full Security Status