Migrating your organization’s existing applications to the cloud can be a time-consuming and complex task if you don’t have the right tools, processes, or people.

NubeliU’s  proven methodologies, toolsets, and Expert Certified Engineers are here to help your organization. You get the expertise of a seasoned team with validated experience in managing migrations to the cloud who will work with you at every stage of the migration process to ensure you get results that align with your organization needs.


We focus on utilizing security best practices weighted against security policies as the cornerstone of every engagement. NubeliU leverages DevOps tools and best practices to enable full automation of deployments in order to secure accounts, roles and permissions before your workload is live.


The Well-Architected Review structured approach leverages proven strategies and reference architectures to help your organization compare its workload against validated best practices in order to obtain the best solution possible. Ultimately, this review allows an organization to review and improve their cloud-based architectures and better understand the business impact of their design decisions. NubeliU  utilizes five pillars within this structured approach in order to fully validate a cloud architecture.


NubeliU’s  Well-Architected Review follows the strictly defined DevOps  process for ensuring your organization’s overall ability to build and deploy to the cloud faster, lower and mitigate risks, make informed decisions regarding services, and take complete advantage of Cloud defined best practices.

Performance Efficiency

Utilizing computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.


The ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.


Enabling systems to recover from infrastructure or service failures, dynamically acquire computing resources to meet demand, and mitigate disruptions such as misconfigurations or transient network issues.

Cost Optimization

Fully realizing the value of the cloud by avoiding or eliminating unneeded cost or suboptimal resources

Operational Excellence

Running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and to continually improve supporting processes and procedures.


Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud


Experts Powered By NubeliU

We specialise in private and hybrid OpenStack clouds, managed OpenStack services and OpenStack planning, as well as custom OpenStack development and OpenStack integration to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers worldwide.

Our global team has experience operating some of first clouds as well as some of it’s largest and fastest growing. NubeliU’s local OpenStack capabilities will provide the best possible combination of expertise and experience in building highly secure, high performance, fully functional cloud platforms.

Implementation of OpenStack projects, including:

Nova (Compute)
Ceilometer (Metrics)
Glance (Image Repository)
Horizon (Dashboard)
Sahara (Big Data)
Swift (Object Storage)
Cinder (Block Storage)
Neutron (Networking)
Heat (Orchestration)


While your developers need a cloud storage solution, IT/OPS needs a unified pool of storage that can be scaled up by simply adding storage server nodes. Ceph is a “unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.” (source: ceph.com). It is an open source software project to build scale-out storage that meets all of the above requirements for both block and object storage for OpenStack. Ceph has built-in self-healing and can withstand underlying hardware failures; additional capacity can be added whenever required.



Realise the potential of containerised applications and discover the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker over more traditional Virtual Machine infrastructure. Kubernetes allows you to run your apps in more places using less resources.

Kubernetes enables production container deployment. Built into Kubernetes is the ability to scale your infrastructure up and down seamlessly. Kubernetes allows your existing operations team to easily build and grow applications to any size, complexity or demand. This directly translates into time and cost savings for your business.

The consistency of the Kubernetes platform means that your development team can reliably transition from testing on a local machine to production deployments, with ease. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the release of new features.

Reliability and robustness are also core advantages of Kubernetes. Additional benefits include self-healing, auto-scaling and intelligent scheduling. The rapidly growing Kubernetes community is regularly pushing new features to ensure that users needs are continually met.

The technical experts at NubeliU specialise in helping businesses transition to container-based applications. We aim to develop an intimate understanding of your current infrastructure, operational goals and to establish a positive working relationship. From a consultation phase, through the initial build, to production readiness and handover, we work with development and operations teams to design solutions to meet your business needs.


Containers like Docker, help organizations to meet the needs of both IT operations and development teams. Containers are an effective way to manage the traditional discontinuity between these two groups, which is why they often earn a central place in a DevOps approach.

The inter-coordination and timing of service delivery is a notable IT modernization challenge. Interdependencies mean that coordinated service delivery is essential. Containers enable service delivery processes to be consolidated, reducing the coordination dramatically which translates into IT and developer productivity gains.

We help you to develop a container strategy, implement the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve it, and teach your team how to use containers to improve agility.