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Big Data

NubeliU Cloud’s Big Data service let’s customers categorize their existing data footprint into unstructured semi-structured data sets that are used to create a DataLake or deliver BigData services for Multistage Transactional Scientific Researcher Data and Analytics Data processing, customers can truly focus on outcomes.



Nubeliu Cloud’s appDev service offering allows customers to realize the real benefit of cloud migration and focus on boosting innovation agility by building a cloud native enterprise platform. This offering involves applications redevelopment to implement use cases for batch processing workflow-driven and translate server-less functionality or container-based microservices.

AppDev Enterprise Platform Professional Services



The automated CI/CD pipelines delivered by NubeliU Cloud include image creation, infraestructure creation and validation, functional testing, performance testing security testing and production deployment tasks. By truly adopting a DevOps based migration, customers can ensure that their security and compliance posture is continually maintained along with the capability to automatically incorporate any security guidance delivered by enterprise security teams.

Pipeline NubeliU Radar Professional Services


NubeliU Cloud’s reinstall based migration provides customers the ability to optimize the application by taking advantage of cloud native services without having to rewrite the application code.
This option provides customer cost savings through the adoption of cloud services that require less maintenance comparated to customer managed applications services

Optimize Best Pratices Professional Solutions


Rehost Application Professional Services

NubeliU Cloud accelerates customer cloud adoption through rehosting application. This is accomplished by integrating with migration tools such as AWS, SMS or CloudEndure and automating the deployment ot applications.

Rehost Flexibility Professional Services

NubeliU Cloud supports reinstall based migration wich not only migrates the application but also provides customers with the build artfacts require to support changes to the application in the cloud enviroment.

Legacy Application Migration

Two ways to extract value from legacy apps. Extracting the data in a Data lake and exposing that data through analytical tools. Business Logic: Creating microservices that becomes API’s enabling business user to assemble various functionalities and truly become a API driven organization with a API centric application architecture. This allows the organizations to become a low-code organization where they assamble apps rather than write apps.

Monolithic Legacy App Migration Professional Services