Realise the potential of containerised applications and discover the advantages of Kubernetes and Docker over more traditional Virtual Machine infrastructure. Kubernetes allows you to run your apps in more places using less resources.

Kubernetes enables production container deployment. Built into Kubernetes is the ability to scale your infrastructure up and down seamlessly. Kubernetes allows your existing operations team to easily build and grow applications to any size, complexity or demand. This directly translates into time and cost savings for your business.

The consistency of the Kubernetes platform means that your development team can reliably transition from testing on a local machine to production deployments, with ease. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the release of new features.

Reliability and robustness are also core advantages of Kubernetes. Additional benefits include self-healing, auto-scaling and intelligent scheduling. The rapidly growing Kubernetes community is regularly pushing new features to ensure that users needs are continually met.

The technical experts at NubeliU specialise in helping businesses transition to container-based applications. We aim to develop an intimate understanding of your current infrastructure, operational goals and to establish a positive working relationship. From a consultation phase, through the initial build, to production readiness and handover, we work with development and operations teams to design solutions to meet your business needs.


Containers like Docker, help organizations to meet the needs of both IT operations and development teams. Containers are an effective way to manage the traditional discontinuity between these two groups, which is why they often earn a central place in a DevOps approach.

The inter-coordination and timing of service delivery is a notable IT modernization challenge. Interdependencies mean that coordinated service delivery is essential. Containers enable service delivery processes to be consolidated, reducing the coordination dramatically which translates into IT and developer productivity gains.

We help you to develop a container strategy, implement the tools and frameworks necessary to achieve it, and teach your team how to use containers to improve agility.