Manage and Optimize your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Our Rocket Platform gives a consolidated visibility across the entire cloud ecosystem to effectively optimize resources and define governance policies for ongoing management.

See everything together in one place

It´s a SaaS Platform to enable companies to better manage the increased complexity of the cloud computing infrastructure. You need the complete picture, in one place, to understand how everything works together. NubeliU’s Rocket Platform gives you that consolidated single view to manage, and optimize your cloud. Rocket Platform integrates with any cloud structure and gives you full reports and governance, all in one place

Who is adopting Rocket Platform

If you are considering adopt a Cloud Strategy for your infrastructure, you may need apply some sort of governance to make sure the usage of this strategy are correct based on your business needs.

Rocket platform’s benefits and features

Drives Changes & Improvements

Monitor availability and health

Capacity Planning

Provides Policies & Security

Analyze costs by provider

The first step to combating cloud infrastructure costs is to gain visibility into areas that are not readily apparent in your environment.

By identifying these hidden resource costs you can hold individual departments and lines of business accountable for their cloud usage. NubeliU Rocket Platform enables you to easily reveal areas of high and/or rapidly growing spend and then implement best practices for improved cost management and optimization.

Plan your Capacity & Budget

One of the largest challenges of cloud infrastructure managers is the capacity planning that is necessary for the environment.

Because users can auto-provision resources, it is imperative that the cloud have some level of predictability in the amount of hardware – CPU, disk, storage, and throughput, that is necessary to keep up with user’s requests. Within the Enterprise IT environment, there is also a challenge directly linked to budget. IT hardware budgets are directly linked to projects, which means that first there is a clear demand, and then budgets are allocated. Cloud environments invert this.
NubeliU Rocket Platform allows cloud Admins to understand the trends in resource consumption, generating detailed reports on when each type of resource will deplete. These reports can allow Admins to have tangible evidence of what resources to procure and assistance in justifying the investment. By integrating with NubeliU Rocket Billing platform the Capacity Planning integration also allows the Cloud Manager to better understand where these resources are going and how they have been billed to the internal (or external) clients, demonstrating ROI on the resources.

Visibility and Reporting Consumption

We allow users and admins to collect real-time and aggregated data on user, project, and tenant resource consumption. This allows admins to better understand which specific workloads generate the most stress on the infrastructure.

It also allows reports to be defined and generated so that each internal area within the company (or customer if deployed in a public cloud) can be informed of how much resource usage each app or set of apps consumes. By defining a financial cost to each type of resource, it becomes possible to generate financial statements to internal or external users. This information can be used to either generate HTML or PDF bills and statements or can be read via a REST API and integrated into existing billing systems.
When you are managing a large cloud environment with a limited staff, gaining quick access to recommendations and insights is a key way to go faster. Recommendations and insights around optimizations for: immediate savings, operational savings, cloud governance, and reservation management. In each area, you can drill down to get granular recommendations, and even take action within the platform itself. This reduces the time it takes to manage your cloud, while also enabling you to be more efficient.