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Chatbot Solutions

“By 2020, nearly 9 out of 10 online customer interactions will be handled by a machine.”-

Enterprise ChatBots facilitates intelligent dialogs between people and systems so getting tasks done is as fast and simple as sending a text or an audio.

Bring your ChatBots to any platform your users are on, such as apps, websites, SMS, the Google Assistant, Slack, Cortana, Alexa, Facebook Messenger and more.

Get secure bot messaging, user authentication, built-in access controls, data retention, eDiscovery and more.

Nubeliu Enterprise ChatBots naturally interacts with your IOT devices to get information from your devices and also to execute actions.

Proactively send relevant alerts to users. Smart Alerts let you send contextually relevant information to users during their bot dialog journey. Depending on the context and trigger, you can manage and terminate notifications that may be of interest to users. Give customers personalized and timely notifications that make sense to them.


The way that users interact with technology is fundamentally changing. We are in the middle of the shift from web, to app, to assistants. Assistants are and will be present in almost any device (phones, speakers, wearables, laptops, TVs, Cars, Smart displays, and more).
NubeliU Enterprise ChatBots can be integrated with any assistant platform and take advantage of each assistant/device specific features.

ChatBot Use Cases


-Turn yesterday’s banking tasks into easy, modern text, keystroke, and spoken commands
-Grab millennial market share and engage more segments with a personalized, scalable approach.


-Personalize the experience: bots conduct right-fit/right-time conversations to answer the question or issue at hand, deliver meaningful advice, and make everyday shopping easier, faster, and more convenient.


-Provide meaningful information to your customers using their everyday communication tools.
-Get a quote on demand
-Provide fast help 24×7

IT & HelpDesk

-Simplify the IT Help Desk Experience
-People can now ask or message a bot, like a virtual assistant, to resolve issues, answer questions, and perform other productivity-draining ITSM tasks on their behalf.
-Some examples: password reset, asset management, software updates.


-Give appointment details, make changes, and complete personal updates
-Deliver lab, test, and procedure outcomes and recommended next steps
-Offer convenient help across all channels:text, email, mobile app, phone, website