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MaaS -for Multi Cloud Monitoring & Automation
MaaS Solutions
What is MaaS


A monitoring tools suite

Built on top of Open Source tools with continuous development MAAS provides management of a large number of physical machines by creating a single resource pool out of them. Participating machines can then be provisioned automatically and used as normal. When those machines are no longer required they are “released” back into the pool.


Built on top of Open Source tools with continuous development

  • OS Inventory
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Provisioning decisions
  • Application sizing and health analysis
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Service by service check
  • High Availability check
  • Resources, services and processes monitoring


High server-side monitoring actions, to guarantee information security by not allowing data injection
NOC or individual vision
Universal queries to database monitoring
More information collected with less installation
Use of customized alerts values
One agent or less, by using APIs and web queries
Custom alerts and triggers
Low-libraries needed (using OS calls)
Servers are self registered, allowing to monitor cloud instances without manual registry in Maas
MaaS System Control Panel Solutions