RaaS Multi Cloud Solutions

NubeliU Multi Cloud Solutions

RaaS – for Multi Cloud Cost Optimization
RaaS Rocket Platform Solutions
Manage and Optimize your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Our Rocket Platform gives a consolidated visibility across the entire cloud ecosystem to effectively optimize resources and define governance policies for ongoing management.

RaaS Rocket Platform Dashboard Solutions


It´s a SaaS Platform to enable companies to better manage the increased complexity of the cloud computing infrastructure. You need the complete picture, in one place, to understand how everything works together. NubeliU’s Rocket Platform gives you that consolidated single view to manage, and optimize your cloud. Rocket Platform integrates with any cloud structure and gives you full reports and governance, all in one place

OPENSTACK Experts Powered By NubeliU

We specialise in private and hybrid OpenStack clouds, managed OpenStack services and OpenStack planning, as well as custom OpenStack development and OpenStack integration to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers worldwide.

Our global team has experience operating some of first clouds as well as some of it’s largest and fastest growing. NubeliU’s local OpenStack capabilities will provide the best possible combination of expertise and experience in building highly secure, high performance, fully functional cloud platforms.